Thursday, October 23, 2008

October 22, 2008

Hey everyone,

So it was almost everyone' s birthday in my family during the last week i hope you had fun. And i hope you enjoyed your presents.

This week has been good i caught a snake, painted some houses, and went on an exchange. Its been fun and exciting.

So the snake was way fun. Sis. Adeniyi (sister ni for short) called us and told us she needed help with getting a snake out of her garage so we went over. After 20 minutes searching around in the garage we found nothing except two mice. It was pretty freaky poking all these boxes and lifting tarps and everything with a 6 foot wooden pole mind you. Still it was scary cause you didn't know where it was and you just knew it was gonna bit you at any moment. So that was intense. So finally we spotted it. It was 10 feet long ok just 2 feet long and black so that was exciting. So after and hour of work we managed to trap it in a corner than built a wall around it with boxes and things then we spent another hour with a stick and bag trying to catch this dumb thing without injuring it. So i got a bag put it on a pole. Tied a rope through it so that when i pulled the rope it would sinch up the bag. Then Elder chang lifted it off the ground enough i swung the bag under it and success ha ha. Then we drove a couple miles and released it into the wild (I'll send home pictures of the release later) So that was that story.

Exchanges were fun i went to Derwood and Elder Mackey came to Olney. I was with Elder Burnette and Elder Chandler we had a blast. We first went to District Meeting and then ate at Cici's all you can eat pizza then we went and did service at one of their investigators homes. After service we had a lesson with her. Then we went and changed and only 3 hours after all you can ate had dinner at a less active members house. After that we went and had another dinner at a members house i couldn't believe they schedualed two dinner!!! I was so full i almsot threw up trying to choke down the second dinner but i couldn't offend them so i just had to eat. I will never do that again so gross eating that much food i don't even eat that much on thanksgiving. Well that was fun.

Bad news Otho is not getting baptised so frustrating but he will come around we will continue to work with him and bring him to baptism and more importantly to active membership. So please pray for him.

I love all of you so much and will talk to you next week.

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olderockhouse said...


How in the world are you! I found you on Melanie's Blog! You look amazing and Ammon...6'6"!! Holy Cow!

Will and Colton are both out right now. Will is in Moscow Russia (Kasakstan at the moment) and Colton is in Maceio Brazil. He left a month after Ammon. It is so good to find you after all these years! Don't be a stranger! I wish you would come to some of the Hale gatherings, it has been too long! Miss you,